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Attention: Webmasters, Marketing Managers, Advertising Managers, Affiliate Managers, Website Owners.

“Trust is Everything”

Trust Select is a third party seal certification program is concerned about trusted online Producs and Services and the fulliment of the offer as advertised.

When a Potential customer visits a website, how does that person know the company is reputable if he or she has never done business with you before.Has never visited your website or is not familiar with the brand.

With just a glance our Trust Select seal will distinguish your web site as reputable and trustworthy.This added measure of confidence will separate your offer from the competition. Our Trust Select third party seal program was founded to strengthen the relationship between the consumer and the website webmaster, Marketing Manager, Advertising Manager, Affiliate Managers and Website owners.

Trust Select seal could increase your converstion rate by 15%

Lets face it internet users are smarter they understand a website witout credentials puts them at risk. As a website owner or manager ,one of the greatest assest you can have is Trust.

If Your visitors trust you they will accept your offer.

Trust Means Conversion

By adding the Trust Select seal to your website visitors instantly know that your site has been evaluated verified by Trust Select and that they can do online business with you with confidence.

Increase Conversions

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To become a member of the Trust Select online merchant program you must meet the following membership requirements.

  • Your website must have a Privacy Policy Posted on home page.

Click here to obtain a privacy policy if you currently do not have one

  • Your website must have published method of communications posted on your website.Phone number for customers to contact you.
  • Your website must be a Registered top level domain.Domain information will be recorded.
  • Your website must be in compliance with all laws of the country in which you operate or are licisened.
  • You must fully disclose all product or service pricing and any additional fees and charges associated with purchases on your website.
  • Your website must clearly state all terms for using your site.
  • You must supply all means of contact for your company ,Telephone,Email,Postal Address. This information will be kept completely confidential.

Additional terms

You agree that this agreement between Trust Select and or a merchant or consumer visitor of any kind agree to the following

Trust Select does not endorse any product or services provided by member companies.Nor do we endorse the member companies. Participation in the Trust Select seal program does not imply any association between Trust Select and any member companies other than participation in the Certified seal program and the requirements of becoming a member.

Trust Select Seal

It is illegal to use the Trust Select seal of approval without membership or written consent.

Authorization from Trust Select . Qualified and paying members may display the trust Select seal.All membership requirments must be maintained to display the Trust Select seal .The Trust Select seal assures your visitors requirments are met and that the website is dedicated to customer service.Only resizing of the seal is allowed .No other changes may be made under any circumstances.

Trust Select Seal Membership

Membership is for one website only.Membership for multiple websites must be made by establishing multiple accounts. Trust Select reserve the right to change or add to the membershio requirments at any time.Trust Select will review the applying site for membership.However, Trust Select will not do continous monitoring and as such will not be responsible for changes that take place after the time of membership.

The member is responsible for maintaining membership standards.Trust Select reserves the right to deny any website for any reason.


Membership fees will be collected at the time of application. Membership fees will be collected annually until membership is cancelled by the member using email to Trust Select indicating ID Number and the wish to cancel. Note discounts will apply for multi year membership.


All members are responsible for their own business and business practices including website offers and customer service polices. You agree to indem reason.Afternify and not hold us responsible for any claims arising from the use of the Trust Select membership. Trust Select will under no circumstance be liable for any damages or losses incurred from the use of this website or from information provided through this website.


Any consumer filing a complaint against a member must first attempt to resolve the issue with the member merchant. Only after seeking resolution with the member merchant may a complaint be filed. All complaints must be presented in a professional manner it must be reasonable and not contain any foul language or the complaint will be disregarded. Trust Select will if requested serve as an intermediate.

Between the member merchant and the consumer. By participating in the Trust Select seal program the merchants obligation is to respond to such mediations. The member merchant is under no circumstances forced to comply with any demands from the consumer and is ultimately responsible for the outcome of such mediations. Mediation will serve as last resort of any conflict between a merchant and a concumer. Merchants are encouraged to abide by traditional and reasonable internet business and refund pratices. Member merchants are not obligated to follow any advice or suggestions from either Trust Select or any consumer but urged to seek resolution.

Termination of Agreement

A member may terminate this agreement by sending to Trust Select Indicating ID number and the wish to cancel.Trust Select reserve the right to terminations members at any time for any reason.Following termination of membership the member must immediately remove the Trust Select seal from their website.

As use of this website you agree to any other information included rules or regulations that are found on the website but are not included in this agreement.

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